Kapatid Ministry has taken several steps to ensure faithfulness and accountability in the oversight of the work of the ministry. As such, accountability is done with, the leadership and staff's membership in the local church, the accountability from supporting churches, and the ministry's board of trustees.

Membership in the Local Church

Though Kapatid Ministry operates in partnership with various local churches belonging to a variety of denominations, we have ensured that our leaders and staff are under the authority and shepherding of the leaders of a local church. Our two resident staff and leadership are faithful members of Llano Christian Baptist Church in Caloocan City. The church is also represented in the board of trustees by two of the leaders in the church.

Accountability by Supporting Churches

Kapatid Ministry, in partnership with supporting churches, have also come to agreement that guidance and counsel is much needed in this ministry. Hence, we have come to agreement with the churches in accordance to the following principles:

  1. The supporting church has the right to request information from Kapatid Ministry pertaining to ministerial doctrine, practices, finances, etc.
  2. Kapatid Ministry is to submit an annual report of activities and finances once a year.
  3. Kapatid Ministry will be proactive in informing the churches should there be major changes in doctrine, practices, or policies pertaining to the ministry.
  4. The supporting church has the right to inquire and publicize concerns that they may have in regards to Kapatid Ministry's doctrine or ethics. They may also withdraw should the issue be unresolved.

Board of Trustees

As a non-profit organization, Kapatid Ministry has a board of trustees to help in directing and monitoring its activities.

The board members are:

  • Francisco Pascual - Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • Ariel Alcantara - Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • Becca Alcantara - Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • Romeo Longos - Pulilan, Bulacan
  • Grace Padua - Caloocan City, Metro Manila
  • Elizabeth Laxa - San Fernando City, Pampanga
  • Titus Jr Laxa - San Fernando City, Pampanga
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