Kapatid Ministry at a Glance

Kapatid Ministry began in 2003 when Titus and Beth Laxa, who were Overseas Filipino Workers in Malaysia for 12 years, had to go back to the Philippines for good. This ministry was born out of the desire to minister to families of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in the Philippines who have not heard of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since then, the ministry has blossomed in its reach, bringing the Gospel and its effect of real, holistic transformation to OFWs and their families, out-of-school youth, and underprivileged children belonging to various marginalized communities in the Philippines.

The Philippines today has its set of challenges. Yes, it has been "Christian" in its worldview (albeit a syncretic Catholic-local beliefs), yet many of its communities is beset by poverty, lack of access to basic modernistic needs such as electricity and clean water, as well as quality, good character-building education. Various factors contribute to these situations - ranging from political, economical, social, psychological, and importantly, spiritual challenges. This has led to what many call the cycle of poverty, even worse though, was a nation that feared God in a superstitious, ungodly way.

The goal of Kapatid Ministry could be described in one theme: God's glory viewed in community transformation through the Gospel preached and lived by His church in the Philippines. Our goal is first and foremost a theological one, where we desire to uplift the name of God, who created us and formed us for His purposes. We believe that Kapatid Ministry, in working with churches among poor communities, is fulfilling its divinely ordained purpose. Our goal is also the Gospel preached and lived by His church among the communities His church is called to minister. We believe that the Gospel is God's power for salvation for all who believe (Romans 1:16). We also believe that the Gospel is meant to be felt as well, with believers genuinely caring for those around them, as they would care for their Master (Matthew 25:34-40).

Our means of fulfilling these goals is through partnership with local churches in programs ministering to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their Families, the Out of School Youth, Underprivileged Children, and Senior Citizens. Together with the local church, we conduct Bible studies among families of OFWs, weekly feeding programs for underprivileged children, child sponsorship and educational scholarships for students, and gift-giving and Bible studies for senior citizens. In all of these activities, we preach the good news of God's gospel, hoping and praying that eventually those ministered will be ushered in the local church, or a church will be planted in their community.

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