February 2024 – Prayer Focus

February 12, 2024 | Written by Titus Jr Laxa

A blessed February to all of you and a Happy Chinese New Year to all our Chinese friends! We thank you for your prayers for the ministry here in the Philippines. Allow us to share with you several highlights as well as prayer concerns for this month.


  • Celebrate your Birthday with our feeding program! We thank God for the successful launch of our special program for our feeding centers. Here we encouraged our partners to celebrate their birthday by sponsoring the feeding of an area on the week of their birthday. Out of 52 weeks, we thank God that 48 individuals have committed to sponsor a feeding area on their birthday week.
  • We thank God for the ongoing follow-up Bible studies among the senior citizens who were recipients of our Bless-a-Senior Citizen project last December.

Prayer Request

  • Pray that the Birthday celebration for our feeding program will help advance the Gospel to children who have yet to put their trust in Christ. Pray for more individuals to commit in sponsoring the feeding program long-term.
  • Pray for our ongoing feeding programs, that the Lord will sustain our partners who are in the field ministering to the children and their parents. Pray that Bible studies among their parents will be started.
  • Pray for our planned programs for the year for our sponsored children, where we plan to launch programs that will help our soon-to-graduate college students to pursue their next stage of their careers with godly wisdom. Pray also for our plan to help high school students in choosing their courses for college.
  • Pray for our ongoing plans to continue our Bless-a-Senior Citizen program this February, as we plan to bless and share the Gospel to another 77 seniors this February.

Thank you for praying with us.


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