Gerard’s story: Educational College Scholarship

April 27, 2022 | Written by Rhodora Añonuevo

I'm Gerard Agari Fugaban, 28 years old, a man who knew nothing of salvation and was a sacred Catholic then. I was a high school student when I had a teacher at our vocational school who taught about the bible. I have learned that the human soul can go to hell or heaven. As time goes by, I can also say that I am becoming rooted in studying the Bible. When I graduated from high school, I was still thinking about the salvation that I heard about in our bible study.

In the year 2011, I met Pastor Juan and his wife, sister Kath of Baptist church who used their house for the mission. I went to them, and I approached Pastor John to ask him if he could conduct a bible study, he agreed, and then I found out the real salvation that was bothering my mind. The pastor explained that to me. I knew that I was a sinner, but by the grace and mercy of God, I will be saved if I turn away from sin and accept Jesus into my life. Until I continued to study the word of God.

But it also came to the point that I was cold to the ministry of God. I went away enjoying the sin for almost eight years. I was able to get addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. My life did not become easy because I only tortured myself more that time. Every night I get drunk, and that's how my life has been since I turned away from the Lord.

In the year 2020 December, the Anniversary of the church, which I believe that the Holy Spirit has convinced me to attend without hesitation. I wanted to hear the word of God, I was revived that day, and the word of God spoke to me again that's why I asked the Lord for forgiveness and returned to his ministry. I am very grateful to God for using Pastor Juan to accept me again as a member of the church. I am also thankful to the Lord, that now he has called me to be his servant. I can say that this is the turning point of my life to serve our Lord again. To preach the word of God to all lost people in 2nd Corinthians 5:17

Now I'm studying at Berean Baptist Theological College -Tuguegarao, City Cagayan a second-year bible school student. God's called me in my Full-time ministry, I care about souls who have never known our Lord Jesus Christ so I decided to become a pastor. It has not been easy to face these challenges in my studies such as memorizing verses, I am not that good and I also struggled with how to deal, and talk to other people but with the grace of God I overcame. I continue to praise God for his works in my life. He proved that he was God when I was in trouble, he would not forsake me, and that he will supply all my needs, especially in my studies. May you pray for me that the Lord will give me wisdom, knowledge, provision, and protection in my studies.

I am also thankful to the Lord, that now he has called me to be his servant. I can say that
this is the turning point of my life to
serve our Lord again.

- Gerard

Editor’s Note: The testimony has been posted as it was delivered, with minimal editing. This is to preserve the voice and intent of the author of the testimony


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