January 2024 – Prayer Focus

January 18, 2024 | Written by Titus Jr Laxa

A blessed New Year to you all! 2023 has passed, and now 2024 is upon us. We are a bit nervous, yet overly excited as well on what God has in store for us in Kapatid Ministry, and for you as well! Times, seasons, and circumstances may change, but our utter dependence upon God remains the same. As such, pray with us as we offer thanks and supplication to God for January 2024.


  1. We praise God for the 90 senior citizens who heard the Gospel through our Bless-a-Senior Citizen program last December 2023. We thank God for our partners who donated to the program and for our local church partners who visited and shared the Gospel to the Senior Citizens.
  2. We thank God for the launch of 'Sponsor-a-Feeding Program On Your Birthday" Project. We thank God for the 3 sponsors who sponsored the feeding of 3 feeding areas this past 2 weeks. We also thank God for the sponsors who committed to sponsor a feeding on their birthday.
  3. We thank God for another year to serve Him and to partner with churches in advancing the Gospel among the poor in the Philippines.

Prayer Request

  1. Pray for the senior citizens who heard the Gospel, that they will open their homes for Bible Study, so that they and their loved ones will continue to hear about the Gospel and how God desires to lead and shape their lives through His Word. Pray for the pastors and their volunteers, that they minister faithfully to the seniors.
  2. Pray for the children in the feeding program, that their hearts will discern the love of Christ expressed by those sponsoring their feeding. Pray that the Word being planted in their hearts will shape them into courageous, sold-out, followers of Jesus Christ.
  3. Pray for wisdom and strength for our team and staff as we process renewals of annual government requirements and documents during this month. Pray for God's favour that the processing of these requirements will be smooth.

Thank you for praying with us!


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