Joan’s Story: Faithfulness of God

September 14, 2021 | Written by Rhodora Añonuevo

Hi! I am Joan from Pulilan, Bulacan. It is well known that the pandemic's existence brings stress, such as my anxiety and concerns for myself and my dear ones, and the protocols restrains my physical and social activities. Also, thousands of families have been thrown into financial trouble as a result of this recent tragedy, and many have lost their employment. One of them was my father, and because their work was affected by the pandemic their department decided to lower their monthly salary. Being a student during this crisis was the most difficult I have ever experienced because everyone was affected. On the other hand, this pandemic gave me the strength to be patient to all my problems. After all, we all know that life is short, and we never knew when they will leave this world. Even though we are filled with fear, worry, and a sense of being down, let us walk with God in our hardships and sorrows. Let us not despair because His promises remain. The word of God gives me strength and courage in my life. God shows His faithfulness to me by continually providing for our needs. Everything in my life is a blessing, even the smallest thing I could have.


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