Community Relief and Development

An estimated 18.4 million Filipinos are poor.

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Why Calamity Relief and Development?

18.9 million Filipinos are under the poverty line. Much of this is due to the frequency of natural calamities, lack of access to basic utilities such as electricity or water, and even unemployment. Natural calamities destroy in seconds what took years to build. Lack of basic utilities increases the chances of disease outbreaks and hampers productivity. Unemployment means a family has no assurances that they will have something to eat the following day.

Our Work

Kapatid Ministry partners with local churches, non-profits, and government organizations to help communities in need of relief and development. Our aim is to walk with the community in facing their challenges and work with them in finding solutions to these problems. We work with them in the following areas:

Calamity Relief Projects

Whenever  typhoons, floods, fires, earthquakes, and any possible calamity hits a community, we partner with like-minded organizations in helping the community. We help in raising supplies, consolidating resources, mobilizing fellow partners/volunteers, and transporting relief assistance to communities that were hit.

Seed Projects

Seed Projects are small-scale projects which aim to address a particular community problem. Some communities lack clean water while others have an unemployment problem. Our team works with the partner church and local community leaders in identifying the problems and producing viable and sustainable solutions for said problems.

Church Planting

A community's struggle encompasses all areas of life, particularly the spiritual aspect. Being a Gospel-driven ministry with a Gospel-centered mindset, our belief is that a community with a church is a community that is bound to thrive in the long run. As such, we work with both the local leaders and the partner church in helping establish a structure where the people may gather for worship and for the listening of God's Word.

Our Stories

Child Sponsorship Family Day 2018
Our Purpose Last March 31, 2018, our scholars and their parents gathered together for a day of fun at Britanny, Fairview, Quezon City. 139 kids, 104 moms, and 81 dads participated in the event. Our first goal is to bring the family together for a 1-day fun, where they can enjoy spending time and having […]
Hazel’s Story: I am a Teacher
Meet Hazel, a elementary school teacher. Growing up in hardship, she worked hard to reach her dream of becoming a teacher. Today by God's grace,through the Child Sponsorship Program, she has graduated and is now preparing to be a teacher.  


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