Senior Citizen Ministry

There are 1.3 million underprivileged senior citizens in the Philippines

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Why Senior Citizens?

There are 1.3 million senior citizens in the country that are underprivileged. Many of their children who are grown up and working have families of their own, and as such, their daily income will be mostly focused on meeting the needs of their immediate family. Hence, many seniors have medical, physical, and spiritual needs that they are struggling to meet.

Our Work

We work hand in hand with different churches in ministering to the senior citizens within their community. We help conduct various activities that will help address the needs of the senior citizens. Our partner community church will then meet with the seniors regularly to conduct Biblical lessons that will equip them to continue to grow and thrive even in their old age.

Gospel-Centered Lessons

Our partner churches conduct regular lessons for the seniors that tackle the issue of dignity, right living, and the question of life now and beyond. More importantly, Christ is presented as He is revealed in Scripture and the seniors are allowed to make informed choices regarding what they learned. The seniors are also equipped and allowed to put into practice the lessons they have learned.


During special occasions like Christmas, or when our partners would sponsor an event, we give gift packs to our senior citizens. Gift packs are filled with items like sugar, milk, coffee, and other consumables. Our aim is to bring joy to their hearts through these simple but meaningful gifts.

Medical Missions

We aim to conduct free medical checkups for our senior citizens and provide some initial medication for common and easily treatable sicknesses. Through the medical missions, we hope to help alleviate any suffering our seniors experience due to their sickness. This also provides a platform for us to dialogue with them and to seek how we can help them better.

Our Stories

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