Bringing Hope to the Hopeless: How the love of Christ is expressed in Calaca City, Batangas

August 18, 2023 | Written by Titus Jr Laxa

Grace and peace be with you. I am Faithful Eli Coronel, the Lead Pastor of Calaca Baptist Church in Sitio Cawong, Barangay Pantay, Calaca City, Batangas. Alongside my wife, Jenny-Ann, and our two kids, Obed and Zaiah, we have been serving the Lord and our community through our ministry at the church.

We are writing this testimony to express our heartfelt appreciation for the partnership between Kapatid Ministry Inc. and our church in the outreach feeding program to the less privileged people of Barangay Quizumbing. The community of Barangay Quizumbing comprises around 15 to 20 families, including adults, youth, and children, who are facing numerous challenges that have deeply touched our hearts.

Within this community, we have observed pressing issues such as early pregnancies and cohabitation, uncontrolled birth rates without proper family planning, couples living together without marriage, below minimum wages for breadwinners, limited access to formal education, and a lack of formal employment opportunities. Witnessing these struggles, we felt a strong calling to extend a helping hand and share the love of Christ with those in need.

The inception of our feeding program came about when a group of people approached our church, seeking assistance with necessities such as food and financial aid. My wife, Jenny-Ann, graciously invited them to attend our church service, and during that time, I had the privilege of ministering to them through prayer and encouragement. I urged them to return the following Sunday as part of a discerning process. To our delight, they returned as promised, and it became evident that God was leading us to their community.

Taking the next step in faith, we decided to visit their community, spending time in prayer and seeking divine guidance. After seeking the Lord's will, our church made the collective decision to initiate an outreach feeding program for the community of Barangay Quizumbing, Calaca City, Batangas.

Our feeding program operates on alternate Saturdays, following a simple yet effective approach of combining the teaching of God's Word with providing nourishing food for their bodies. Through this holistic approach, we have been able to reach approximately 15 to 20 families, with an average of 50 to 80 participants attending each feeding session.

The impact of this feeding program has been nothing short of miraculous. By teaching the Word of God, we have witnessed profound spiritual transformations within the community. The program has shed light on the guidance of God's Word, empowering individuals to embrace healthier and more responsible lifestyles. Moreover, the program has paved the way for meaningful counseling and guidance, allowing us to build strong relationships with the community members and address their needs effectively through accountability and prayer.

The fruits of this partnership have extended beyond the feeding program. We now have an intentional Bible Study every Saturday, with regular attendees from 11 to 15 families, including adults, youth, and children. Additionally, some of the brethren from the community have become regular attendees at our Sunday worship services, expressing a deepening commitment to their faith journey.

How We Can Pray for the Coronels

As we continue this journey of serving the community of Barangay Quizumbing, we humbly ask for your prayers. Please pray for the spiritual growth of the new believers in the area, that they may be firmly rooted in their faith. Pray also for God's continued provision, as our church faces limited financial resources in sustaining the outreach efforts. Finally, we ask for prayers for the volunteers involved in this ministry, that they may be filled with renewed passion and maturity as they serve in His name.

Once again, we express our gratitude to Kapatid Ministry Inc. for partnering with us in this transformative work. Your support has been instrumental in touching lives and bringing hope to the less privileged members of Barangay Quizumbing. Together, let us continue to be vessels of God's love and compassion to those in need.

May the Lord bless Kapatid Ministry Inc. abundantly as you continue to impact lives and make a difference in various communities.

Editor’s Note: The testimony has been posted as it was delivered, with minimal editing. This is to preserve the voice and intent of the author of the testimony.


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