From Basketball to the Bible: How the Gospel is advanced to the youth in Lubao, Pampanga

August 18, 2023 | Written by Titus Jr Laxa

Pastor Daniel Jude Pudiquet, our partner pastor in Lubao, Pampanga, talks about how God has worked through their Basketball activity for the youth of their community outreach:

By God's grace we were able to accommodate 75 young people from ages 13-23, in the previous Bible Basketball Ministry. We were able to share the gospel to all of them and praying that the seed planted in their hearts will grow and prosper. We started the tournament last May 21, 2023 and it lasted until the 5th day of August 2023. We were able to officiate 36 basketball games for the whole duration of tournament. As a result of the Bible Basketball Ministry for Youth, we were able to establish a closer bond with some of the players, to the point where personal conversations about their lives were now being shared. We are praying and planning to meet with them again soon through Bible Studies every Sunday afternoon. Thank you so much for your prayers, support and labor of love. May the Lord continually bless you and keep you.

Sincerely, Ptr. Daniel Jude Pudiquet

Editor’s Note: The testimony has been posted as it was delivered, with minimal editing. This is to preserve the voice and intent of the author of the testimony.


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