Di Ka Nagiisa (You are Not Alone) – A Webinar on Depression for our Sponsored Children

June 25, 2021 | Written by Titus Jr Laxa

Last June 19, 2021, we conducted an online webinar for our sponsored kids with the topic "Di ka Nagiisa (You are Not Alone) - a webinar on depression and mental health. Our speaker was Bro. Gilbert Ignacio, a professional Christian counselor whose forte is ministering and counseling youth. A total of 56 google meet users participated, with some users having multiple participants. We held this webinar as a response to the current crises many of the young people are facing due to the extended lockdowns. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the youth have stayed home and are unable to interact personally with friends and classmates. This, coupled with family and personal problems, have led to many experiencing doubt, depression, and great anxiety. Our hope with this webinar is that they may be comforted by God's truth, and learn to share their struggles with their trusted loved ones or matured mentors or churchmates.

undealt situational depression can lead to clinical depression, a kind of depression that may require therapy and medicinal intervention

Depression and How to Deal with it

Bro Gilbert's talk focused on creating awareness of what depression is and how it is to be dealt. He defined succinctly what depression is, clarifying that depression has two categories: situational depression and clinical depression. He noted that situational depression is unavoidable as it is ones natural response to crises and problems. However, he warns that undealt situational depression can lead to clinical depression, a kind of depression that may require therapy and medicinal intervention. He then moves to practical intervention steps one can do should one feel anxiety or depression. He also encourages seeking godly counsel, or a least, someone willing to listen, but ultimately, surrendering it to Christ, our only Great Healer. Bro. Gilbert ended the talk by answering questions the audience had regarding the topic.

Impact of the Webinar

Several of our sponsored kids expressed their gratitude to Bro. Gilbert as the talk had been a timely intervention and reminder to many of them. Below are some of the testimonies they had regarding the webinar.

Queenie from Bagumbong, Caloocan City.

I learned that mental health awareness should be raised in ourselves. A lot of us still neglect the fact that there is this kind of thing and it is not just an "arte". This is a serious matter that we should acknowledge. I also learned that if you noticed someone with unnecessary actions, be kind enough to be there and listen to them

It's so helpful because I am very anxious person. The webinar states different counterparts on how to combat this kind of serious matter and I really find it helpful. It was a great experience to be part of the webinar.

Jaypee from Sta. Lucia Pampanga.

I have learned in the webinar that even though I am a Christian I'm still prone to experience mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. I was also able to differentiate sadness from depression. Wherein, sadness is a normal emotion that all humans are experiencing. In other words, it is okay to be sad because it is normal. Whilst, depression is the feeling of hopelessness, despair, and extreme sadness. Also, I have learned in the Webinar the interventions and ways on how to fight depression and how to deal with a person who is struggling with mental issues.

The webinar has been of great help to me especially on my mental health. Lately, I've been experiencing anxiety and mild depression due to bombarded responsibilities in our home, school, and other personal-related matters. The webinar led me to a realization that depression is curable and there are interventions on how to wrestle against it. Lastly, the webinar was an eye-opener to me for I was able to realize that I am not alone battling this kind of issue for I have my God on my side and some people could help me overcome depression.

even though I am a Christian I'm still prone to experience mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Rhina from Llano, Caloocan City.

I have a lot of things learned in the webinar, and at the same time, I realize a lot such as how to prevent depression, and how to determine if ur having depression or anxiety.

I also learned the causes of anxiety and how to avoid it. And lastly how to deal or how to be sensitive if we have a friend or someone who is suffering with this kind of problem.

It's been such an honor to witness or to be in that kind of webinar because I found out the real reasons why people suffer and depression. I became aware of the people around me if they were already suffering from depression or not. It also helps that I know how to deal with people who are suffering from this.

What's next?

We understand that no matter how well done a webinar is, it alone can never solve the problems our sponsored kids are facing. Much still needs to be done as the children will continue to face a variety of challenges in their homes, studies, and personal life. Continue to pray with us for the children, that God will grant them wisdom as they face these challenges, that they may not succumb to these challenges, but rather depend on God and seek His will. Continue to pray for us, as we continually minister to them through the local church, meeting them (online) weekly just to see how they are, to listen to their concerns, to share God's Word, and to encourage them continually.


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