Pastor Jonathan’s story: Feeding Program

February 4, 2022 | Written by Rhodora Añonuevo

The Kapatid Ministry Inc. is our loving partnership here at the Bohol Philippine Church mission. We are very thankful to the Lord because since there was an earthquake here in Bohol way back on October 15, 2013, we are one of the recommended to Bro. Titus and Sis. Beth, a few days later they visited us here with her family to partner with the feeding program. I am very thankful to the Lord for his instrument Bro. Titus with a good heart even though he is in heaven his memory of us here is still alive, thank you because he is one of the sources of our blessing for the children here in Bohol. We are happy to continue to learn in the ministries of the Lord and also to be able to minister to the parents. I thank the Lord because from the start of our feeding program from 2013 to 2022, we have ministered to 3 areas with 120 children as regular attendees. Once again, many thanks to all the members of the Kapatid Ministry who helped us here in Bohol.

Until now the Kapatid Ministry has never stopped helping us, especially now that Bohol is one of the victims of typhoon Odette last Dec. 17, 2021. Through Pastor Jr, we were immediately sent a help that we are deeply grateful to the Lord.

For our God, thank you so much for the victory, you always win to our heart, thank you for saving us so that we are now one of your instruments to bring others to change lives, thank you for all the wisdom and knowledge while we speak about your word.

I pray to you to protect our testimony and ministry in the church, do not allow the devil to attack in our minds to destroy us as a servant of you I believe that you are a powerful God we are always close to you, please continue to bless us, all the members, children, young people, and adult of our church. And also I pray to God that Pastor Jr., Sis Beth, and their family may you continue to increase their strength and good health Lord, and protect Pastor. Jr as he preaches your gospel. We love you so much Father God we ask you all these things in the name of Jesus,


Editor's Note: The testimony has been posted as it was delivered, with minimal editing. This is to preserve the voice and intent of the author of the testimony.


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