Rose’s Story: Educational Scholarship Program

March 1, 2022 | Written by Rhodora Añonuevo

Hi! My name is Mary Rose Bulawan, 19 years old. I am a first-year college student at Makati Science Technological Institute of the Philippines taking BS Entrepreneurship. I take this course because someday I want to build my own business and be one of the successful entrepreneurs and I also want to help others by giving them a job. The challenge I face in my journey as a first-year college student is my lack of financial needs for my studies. Because of the pandemic, our source of income is not stable and one is my sister Mary Joy Bulawan who was affected, the one who provides for our daily needs especially when our father has died. At that time I thought to stop studying first because we can't afford to enroll in college school. In that situation, I experienced the goodness of God because he use the Kapatid Ministry scholarship program to help me and provide for my financial needs in education. A few months passed in my studies in the first semester, I struggled with the new normal because I had to learn by myself, but personally, God fulfilled and made a solution to my problems. So I am very thankful to the Lord because he is always by my side in the happiest and saddest parts of my life. And also He always uses others to help me to overcome my problems. All I did was trust and surrender all my worries to him who answers my prayers.

My goal this coming school year is to give my best as a college studen to my fellow classmates. I want to build a perfect relationship with my professors. I make sure to pass the activities and quizzes on time or earlier than the given deadline. And also to have a higher grades and a perfect score in every examination.

I am very thankful to the Lord because he is always by my side in the happiest and saddest parts of my life

- Mary rose

Editor's Note: The testimony has been posted as it was delivered, with minimal editing. This is to preserve the voice and intent of the author of the testimony


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