Our Work

We are working among Overseas Filipino Workers and their families, underprivileged children, and marginalized communities.

Bible Studies

Among Overseas Filipino Workers & Families

We work together with the churches abroad in starting Bible study groups to cater to OFWs within their sphere of influence. Our goal is to have a vibrant, Gospel-centered Filipino congregation in every place where OFWs are.

Feeding Ministry

Among Underprivileged Children

We, in Kapatid Ministry, work hand in hand with different churches, groups and individuals, to help change the course of the lives of some of these squatter children. We do this through the Feeding Program. Our goal is to give children and their family in depressed areas an opportunity for physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual nourishment through regular feeding and sharing the Gospel.

Child Sponsorship

Among Underprivileged Children

Many children want to study and achieve their dreams of life. However, because of the hardship of life, these dreams have yet to be realized. Many end up repeating the cycle of poverty their parents were in before. The kids are provided with school materials such as pencils, pens, notebooks, bags, and other necessary stationery. From time to time, they get uniforms, shoes, and other school necessities.

Community Relief and Development

For Marginalized Communities

Kapatid Ministry partners with local churches, non-profits, and government organizations to help communities in need of relief and development. Our aim is to walk with the community in facing their challenges and work with them in finding solutions to these problems. We work with them in the following areas:

Bible Studies

For Senior Citizens

We work hand in hand with different churches in ministering to the senior citizens within their community. We help conduct various activities that will help address the needs of the senior citizens. Our partner community church will then meet with the seniors regularly to conduct Biblical lessons that will equip them to continue to grow and thrive even in their old age.

Training and Support

For Pastors and Missionaries

We cannot do all these alone. God had given His church pastors and missionaries to be catalysts for churches to be planted, strengthened, and be light in their communities. Our prayer is to be able to walk alongside God-ordained pastors and ministers of the Gospel through training and support.

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